BLSB Training Centre

Who is BLSB Training Centre?

        BLSB Training Centre, under Bahtera Lagenda Sdn. Bhd. (BLSB) was established in 2010. With more than 10 years of experience BLSB Training Centre provides physical, online and in-house training locally and internationally. Its training program consists of:

  •  Halal Awareness Training
  •  Malaysian Halal Certification Training
  •  Halal Auditor Training

        In June 2021, BLSB was accredited by JAKIM under Malaysian Halal International Academy (MIHA) as a strategic partner to provide training and coaching for JAKIM Halal Certification. BLSB Training Centre has trained hundreds of personnel from various industries in Malaysia, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Argentina, Australia etc.

        In March 2023, BLSB has been successfully registered as a "HRD Corp Registered Training Provider.

Halal Training Courses

Why Choose Us?

        We have vast experience since 2002 in conducting halal training.

        Our trainers consist of university graduates, experienced and knowledgeable in halal matters.

        Certified trainers of Department of Skills Development Malaysia.

        BLSB has been accredited by JAKIM as Strategic Partner under Malaysia International Halal Academy (MIHA).

        BLSB has been registered as a HRD Corp Registered Training Provider.


Strategic Partner

"Fardhu Kifayah Obligations, Our Goal"

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